Welcome to Topophilia Wine Co 

“Topophilia (From Greek topo “place” and -philia, “love of”) is a brand built upon my dream of crafting world-class wines from vineyard to bottle. With a focus on organic farming practices and minimal intervention winemaking, I strive to bring you a sense of place in each glass.”

Commitment To Sustainability

Topophilia is a brand built on the love of the land from which the grapes are grown, the community from which we belong, and the experiences that our customers share with their loved ones over a bottle of wine.

We show our love through our low impact approach to farming and winemaking. Utilizing organic and sustainable farming practices creates a healthy, balanced, and bountiful ecosystem in which our vines are grown and, in turn, creates the highest quality fruit from which our wines are made. These practices continue into the cellar where minimal intervention means you are enjoying the purest expression of the vineyard site and all it has to offer.