The Beginning

After a decade in the wine industry, I made the decision to branch out on my own and start producing premium wines from Sonoma County. In 2017, Topophilia was started on a shoe string budget and a dedication to hard work.

 I started farming and making wine during the day while working several hospitality jobs in the evening to fund my new venture. In two and a half years I was able to focus full time on creating world class wines with a dedication to taking care of the land from which the grapes are grown.

Topophilia means A Love of Place. Not just for its physical aspects but also the people and community surrounding it.

– Jess Wade 



Present Day

7 years ago I made my first vintage of 175 cases. Since then I have searched for some of the most pristine vineyard sites to farm and source the finest wine grapes Sonoma County has to offer. With a dedication to organic and sustainably farmed vineyards, Topophilia grows every year to bring a wide selection of wines from the places I love.